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CHF 155,00

PROFESSIONAL DIVING LIGHTS XS12, linterna de buceo muy compacta y potente

The PROFESSIONAL DIVING LIGHTS XS12 is the ultimate tool for professional divers seeking exceptional illumination beneath the waves. Crafted with precision and designed for performance, this compact dive light offers unrivaled brightness and reliability to enhance your underwater adventures.

Equipped with advanced LED technology, the XS12 emits a focused and intense beam of light, cutting through the depths with remarkable clarity. Its powerful output ensures that every detail of the underwater world is illuminated, providing you with a breathtaking visual experience like never before.

A compact and powerful dive light designed for professional divers. With its impressive brightness and small size, it’s the perfect companion for exploring the depths of the underwater world.

Characteristics of the PROFESSIONAL DIVING LIGHTS XS12

– 1200 lumens – 3 power levels – Beam angle: 8 degrees – Battery life: up to 90 minutes at maximum power – Maximum diving depth: 100 m – 3 SOS modes: Blink, Strobe, Morse – Color temperature: about 6500K – Battery: 1x 18650 Li-Ion, 2800mAh – Dimensions: 141 x 36mm – Weight including battery: approx. 180 g, in water approx. 100 g – 3-color LED for battery status indication – double O-ring sealed Scope of delivery: Torch, battery, USB charger, padded nylon case, wrist strap, spare O-rings.

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